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Kensington School Virtual Tour

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School Nurse's Room
Secondary (Y7-9) Classroom
Science Lab - Biology
Science Lab - Physics
ESO Classroom
Computer Lab 2
Art Room
Primary (Juniors) Classroom
Computer Lab 1
Year 9 Artwork
Main Dining Room
Small gym
Porch and playground
Bachillerato Classroom
Main gym
Nursery/Reception Classroom
School Theatre
Music Class
School Theatre
Nursery/Reception Playground
Primary (Y4/5) Classroom
Nursery/Reception Dining Room
Computer Lab 3
Year 4 Artwork
Primary (Y3) Classroom
Year 3 Artwork
Year 1-2 Dining Room
Year 1-6 Music Room
Primary (Infants) classroom
Year 1-2 Playground
Main Playground