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Kensington School Services
  • Orientation Dept

    Kensington School has two specialized psychologists, one for Nursery to Year 9 and one for ESO and Bachillerato.

  • School Nurse

    The school has two nurses that are available throughout the school day to deal with pupils’ medical needs.

  • School Bus

    The School provides a service of eight bus routes spread over different parts of Madrid and the surrounding areas.

  • School Lunch

    The School offers a lunch service to students from Nursery to 1st of Bachillerato.

  • Uniform

    The school uniform is worn by all pupils from Nursery up to 1st of Bachillerato.


  • Library

    The school has a large library with over 20,000 books in Spanish, English and French.

  • IT

    Kensington School has a range of computer facilities to support teaching and learning.

  • Sports

    The school site has 2 indoor sports halls as well as plentiful space with a variety of courts and pitches.

  • Music

    Kensington School has a range of music facilities to support teaching and learning, including two dedicated music rooms.

  • Labs

    Pupils can do experiments in one of the school's three science labs for biology, chemistry and physics.

  • Art Room

    The school has a large Art Room where students can learn and practice a variety of art techniques.