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Official Status

Kensington School is a school for pupils ranging in age from 3-18. Having once completed their British education to the age of 14, pupils continue their Spanish studies towards Bachillerato and university entry whether in Spain or abroad.

The school is officially recognised as a British school (3 to 14) by the Education Department of the Community of Madrid which, via the British Council in Spain, organizes regular inspections in keeping with the Educational legislation to which it is subject.

Kensington is an independent, non-denominational school receiving subsidies from neither the British or Spanish governments.

The obligatory Spanish curriculum is subject to inspection by the Education Department of the Community of Madrid through the "Dirección Técnica de Español". The upper secondary Spanish section (3rd/4th ESO and Bachillerato) attached to Kensington School is officially recognised by the Ministry of Education. During these years, pupils receive intensive preparation for University of Cambridge examinations in English as a foreign language (FCE, CAE, CPE) in addition to IGCSE English as a 1st language and French (IGCSE and DELF).