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We’re delighted to report that 100% of our 2º de Bachillerato pupils have once again passed the University Access Assessment exams with excellent results. These results will allow them access to the courses that they wish in the universities that they want.

The average grade obtained by our students in these exams is as follows :

These results, an improvement on the previous year’s outstanding results, are not just based on the progress made in a single year, but on the high standards achieved by our students from when they began their studies at Kensington until the last year of Bachillerato. This is the latest chapter in a long history of exceptional Bachillerato results , (link http://www.kensington-school.es/en/ourschool/news/2016-17/1617_26_27-04-2017_selectividad_2016.html).

We would like to congratulate all the students and their families for their achievements throughout the time they have spent at Kensington.  

All of us,teachers, non-teaching staff, and parents, can be legitimately proud of our students, not only for what they have achieved in their time with us, but also for what they might yet achieve and might yet become in the future.