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Course en Cours 2017

Students from Kensington School, from year 9, 3º and 4º de ESO have participated in the international competition of mini formula 1 'Course en Cours'. The competition took place at the Licéo Francés School of Madrid and was organised by Dassault Systems and the Renault Group, and this year sponsored by companies such as Fnac.

Throughout the year the students have prepared their designs, made their cars and have learned to program the electric motor of the cars that would run in the peninsular final that took place on 10th May 2017. In addition, as part of the project they had to design their corporate image, build a booth, get sponsors and spread through websites, blogs or social networks, the design advances by their team.

The competition consists of:

Once again this year our teams have created some of the best projects to achieve the 3rd and 4th place in the general classification and one of our year 9 students obtaining the special award for 3d design.

Overall Rankings

1st place


Licéo Francés de Madrid

2nd place

All In

Licéo Francés de Alicante

3rd place

Equipo The Mechaniks

Kensington School

4th place

Equipo Future Evolution

Kensington School

Special award for 3d design

Isabel Tabernero

Equipo Future Evolution

Kensington School

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