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6th Parent Space Session: Let's Talk About Our Children

The 6th Parent Space Session (Espacio para Padres): Let's talk about our children, will take place next Wednesday, 19th April at 7:00 p.m. at Kensington School (Av. De Bularas nº 2). This session will address the topic: "ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" and will be run by Pablo Aizpurua, child and youth psychotherapist and forensic psychologist of the Group of Psychotherapists of Pozuelo (Grupo de Psicoterapeutas de Pozuelo).

During this conference we will reflect on children who find it difficult to function in school; We will value the "not attending in class" as a repeated complaint that encompasses much of the school difficulties; What is behind an excited and / or distracted child who cannot concentrate, making their personal, family relationships and school life difficult?

Use this link to find more information about the activity and the sessions planned during the course so that you extend it to the families of your surroundings.