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Coca-Cola Young Talents Contest - Short Story Award 2016/2017 Edition

Every year, since 1961, the Coca-Cola Foundation has organized the Young Talents Contest - Short Story Award. The main objective of this contest is to inspire students to develop their creative writing. These awards are run to show the world what young people are capable of doing.

On Friday 24th and Saturday 25th March, thousands of students from 2nd ESO have an appointment: they will meet simultaneously in more than 90 venues spread throughout the country to experience being writers.

On Friday, March 24th, the following students attended the 57th edition of the contest at the La Latina Theatre: Melina Fernández Caraffini, Paula Perea Díaz, Paloma Martín Tordera, Amalia del Carmen Sorribes Camargo, Iria González Barrios and Tristán Ortiz Roset. Good luck to all!

Competition rules: http://estaticos.cocacola.es/bases/cjt/terminos-y-condiciones.pdf