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5th British Education Fair

On the 20th October all of 1º Bachillerato and 15 pupils from 2º Bachillerato will attend the V Feria de Educación Británica (5th British Education Fair) 2016.

The 15 pupils from 2º Bachillerato are currently in the process of applying to universities in the UK.

The school feels that this event will be very interesting and useful for the pupils of 1º Bachillerato to consider the possibility of studying in a UK university. The UK offers world-class education, internationally recognised qualifications and exceptional professional career prospects. Every year the country attracts more than 500,000 international students. There are about 9,000 Spaniards who choose to pursue their studies or graduate degree at a British institution. This number is increasing year on year.

At the Fair, students will find the latest information on courses, qualifications, institutions, entry requirements and other important information. This is a good opportunity to receive free advice, clear up doubts (level of English, how much, how, when or where to apply) and talk with more than 40 British public universities.

More information at: https://www.britishcouncil.es/estudiar-reino-unido/feria