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Kensington School News


Jun 2017 - Year 5A Story of the Year (read more)

Jun 2017 - Letter of thanks for the School's participation in Pozuelo Canta (read more)

Jun 2017 - Drama Club Show (read more)

Jun 2017 - Linking Kensington with Ireland (read more)

Jun 2017 - School Poetry and Illustration Contest Gerardo Diego (read more)

Jun 2017 - Pozuelo Canta (read more)

Jun 2017 - Year 8 Internet Safety Logo Competition (read more)

Jun 2017 - Kensington Athletics Teams win International Schools' Athletics Competition (read more)

Jun 2017 - Year 3 to 6 Concert (read more)

Jun 2017 - Premio Alejandra for story-writing (read more)

Jun 2017 - Kensington School in the Fundación Aladina magazine (read more)

May 2017 - Kensington pupils participate in Course en Cours 2017 (read more)

May 2017 - Winner announced for Gymkhana organised by the Pozuelo de Alarcón council (read more)

May 2017 - Pupils from 1º Bachillerato visit the Universidad Europea de Madrid (read more)

May 2017 - Zarzuelas Music Concert (read more)

May 2017 - Maite Vallet's New Course - Dealing with Adolescence (read more)

May 2017 - Sex education talks for pupils in ESO and Bachillerato (read more)

May 2017 - UNICEF Solidarity Walk on 17th May (read more)

May 2017 - Delivery of the cheque for money raised to Médecins Sans Frontières (read more)

Apr 2017 - St Patrick winners of Year 6-9 House Sports Day 2017 (read more)

Apr 2017 - Kensington Girls Excel in Liceo Sorolla Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition (read more)

Apr 2017 - Selectividad Results 2015-16 (read more)

Apr 2017 - Pupils from Year 8, Year 9, 3º ESO and 4º ESO go to see the theatre play Papel (read more)

Apr 2017 - 9th Madrid Olympiad of Economics (read more)

Apr 2017 - Kensington School celebrates World Book Day 2017 (read more)

Apr 2017 - Parent's Space: ADHD Conference. Hyperactivity and inattention in the age of haste (read more)

Apr 2017 - Orientation Dept. Workshops for Year 8 (read more)

Apr 2017 - 6th Parent Space Session: Let's Talk About Our Children (read more)

Mar 2017 - Marta Valderrama has reached the final of the VII Philosophical Olympiad of the Community of Madrid (read more)

Mar 2017 - Coca-Cola Young Talents Contest - Short Story Award 2016/2017 Edition (read more)

Mar 2017 - Workshops for the sensitization and prevention of the consumption of alcohol and cannabis (read more)

Mar 2017 - Lucía Gauchía Babé, ex Kensington School pupil, has won the NSF Career Award (read more)

Feb 2017 - Universities Minifair in the school's main gym (read more)

Feb 2017 - Talk by Doctors Without Borders (read more)

Jan 2017 - Year 9 pupils see The Canterbury Tales at Teatro Canal (read more)

Dec 2016 - Honorary mention from the Complutense University (read more)

Dec 2016 - Pupils from 3º ESO visit the Danone factory in Tres Cantos (read more)

Dec 2016 - Working with the Banco de Alimentos de Madrid (BAM) (read more)

Nov 2016 - Kensington Pupils Excel in PAU Entrance Exam (read more)

Nov 2016 - Girls Basketball Tournament (read more)

Oct 2016 - Pozuelo Municipal Police talk to Year 7 (read more)

Oct 2016 - Kensington girls team wins football tournament (read more)

Oct 2016 - Programación espacio para padres 2016-17 (read more)

Oct 2016 - 5th British Education Fair. On the 20th October all of 1º Bachillerato (read more)

Oct 2016 - International Schools of Madrid Basketball Tournament (read more)

Oct 2016 - Informative talk from Madrid Food Bank (read more)

Oct 2016 - 3rd edition of the awards ceremony for the recognition for academic excellence and merit in Pozuelo de Alarcon for the academic year 2015/2016 (read more)


June 2016 - VIII Olympiad of Economy of Madrid (read more)

May 2016 - Our donation to UNHCR (United Nations Agency for Refugees) (read more)

May 2016 - Premios Concurso Escolar de Poesía e Ilustración Gerardo Diego 2016(read more)

May 2016 - Se nos comunica desde Visión y Vida (read more)

April 2016 - Selectividad 2015 (read more)

January 2016 - Beca de Excelencia Académica (read more)

October 2015 - Resumen de los resultados de la prueba PISA para Centros Educativos (PISA for school) 2014 (read more)

October 2015 - 2nd edition of the awards ceremony for the recognition for academic excellence and merit in Pozuelo de Alarcon for the academic year 2014/2015. (read more)