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Kensington School Trips

In keeping with our tradition of holistic, whole-person education, Kensington School offers a wide variety of residential trips, where children are encouraged to develop their self-confidence, teamwork and social skills in a programme of athletic or cultural activities, accompanied at all times by monitors trained and qualified in the activities on offer, and our school staff.

Trip Dates Year Group(s)
Madrigal de la Vera, Cáceres see photos 11th to 14th June Year 5
Doñana National Park see photos 26th to 31st March Year 6
Sierra de Cazorla, Andalucía see photos 16th to 20th June Year 7
Sierra de Gredos see photos 31st March to 2nd April Year 8
Cambridge and London, England see photos 16th to 20th June Year 8
Aviados, León see photos 16th to 20th June Year 9
Poitiers, France see photos 16th to 22nd June Year 9